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The following is a Glossary of Terms used in Grand Summoners.

Glossary[edit | edit source]

A[edit | edit source]

Art Term used to descibe Special Abilities used by units. Arts are charged with BE, or Battle Ether and can be charged past maximum for Awakened units inorder to active True Art.

B[edit | edit source]

Battle Ether (BE) Battle Ether or BE is the energy needed in order to activate Arts and True Arts. Can be seen in game as light speckles that float atop the battle. Battle Ether is generated based on damage and break dealt.

Break In any given dungeon, the boss always has a Break bar. Attacks, whether it be Skills, or Arts, decrease the Break bar. When the Break bar is depleted, the boss enters the state of being "Broken", in which attacks deal 1.3x increased damage for 10 seconds. In this "Broken" state, the boss does not gain Arts orbs.

C[edit | edit source]

Cooldown Time (CT) The amount of time a skill or piece of equipment takes to be able to be used again. The base CT of equipment can be decreased by Limit Breaking, and the CT of both skills and equipment can be further decreased through other skills or passives of units, equipment, Skills, and/or Arts.

D[edit | edit source]

G[edit | edit source]

Giant Bosses (GB) Monstrous Bosses that are available in the Exploration for both Single Player and Multiplayer. Giant Bosses or GBs are on rotation each day, with the exception of Giant Bosses that have only recently entered the rotation, after which they will also enter the rotation. Bosses will drop rare relics like "Lesser Demon Heart" (5*) and "Dark White Spear" (3*).

Golcats Units known as "Gren Units", or units that are sold for Gren. Currently there are 3 types of Golcats, the Golcat, the Golcat King, and the Golcat God. The Golcat sells for 50,000 Gren, the Golcat King sells for 100,000 Gren, and the Golcat God sells for 300,000 Gren.

Golcats are commonly found in Daily Quests and the Key Quest "Golden Cat of the Exploring".

L[edit | edit source]

Limit Break (LB) Limit Break increases a unit's Equipment Slot capabilities, as well as increases its maximum HP, ATK, and DEF values. A unit can be Limit Broken by Limit Breaking it with a duplicate unit, or with Limit Break Stones (LB Stones). The amount of LB Stones or duplicate units required to Max Limit Break (MLB) a given unit depends on the type of unit it is. For example, a unit that is summoned through a banner requires a combination of 5 LB Stones or duplicate units, while units that can be attained through missions requires a combination of 30 LB Stones or duplicate units.

Equipment can be Limit Broken as well. To Limit Break a piece of equipment, it requires either duplicate equipment, or Limit Break Stones similar to that of the LB Stones used to Limit Break units, but they require their respective LB Stone. For example, a Support item cannot be Limit Broken using a Defense LB Stone.

LB Stones can be found through some mission rewards, the Arena shop, Weekly Quests, and Achievements.

Luck A unit's Luck determines the amount of bonus loot that is dropped after a dungeon is completed. A unit with 100 Luck (current maximum) will always result in 2 bonus drops after dungeon completion. A unit with Luck under 100 may result in 1 bonus drop after a dungeon's completion, but it is not guaranteed. A unit's luck can be increased by 20 with food bonuses. The max luck a 1★ unit can reach is 20 Luck, and for each increase in ★, the max luck the unit can reach increases by 20, capping at a 5★ unit having 100L.

M[edit | edit source]

Metal Chickens A unit known as an "Enhancement Unit", which is used to enhance a unit and increase its level. Metal Chickens are divided into Metal Eggs, Metal Chickens, and King Metal Chickens. Metal Eggs enhances a unit's EXP by 10,000 points, while the Metal Chicken enhances a unit's EXP by 50,000 points. A King Metal Chicken enhances a unit's EXP by 100,000 points. There are also variations of King Metal Chickens, each of a different Element. If an Enhancement Unit is used on a unit with the same Element as itself, the amount of EXP increases by 1.5x.

Metal Chickens can be found in many mission rewards; the Daily Quest, Giant Bosses dungeons, Holy Land of XP, and most commonly, from the Key Quest "Silver Bird of the Exploring".

T[edit | edit source]

Tasmons Units that are used to grant other units bonus stats. Tasmons are divided into three types of Tasmons, Tufmon, Kilmon, and Defmon, each increase the maximum values for HP, ATK, and DEF, respectively. For each of the Tasmons, there are normal and King variations. The King variations increases the respective values more than that of the normal variations.

Terms that need to be added: CD,Daily Dungeons,Enhance, Daily Quest(not dungeon), Alch/Alchemy, Gren, Awakening,Daily Missions/Weekly Challenge, Achievements, Arena. Summon (different types, maybe include hero fests and rookie banner),