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The following are the available units for Grand Summoners.

This page is currently under construction.

5 ★ Units[edit | edit source]

Fire[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Role
Clyde2.png Clyde, Supreme Blade Damage
Unit thumbnail 101175112.png Dragon Ruler Arosdea Damage
Dalugion.png Godwyrm Dargeon Damage
Unit thumbnail 101115111.png Ganan (5★) Luck / Damage
Millenia.png Devil Spy "Millenia" Damage
Mira.png Mira (5★) Damage
Laguna.png Inferno Lord Ragna Breaker / Support
Unit thumbnail 102226112.png Ryuko Matoi (5★) Damage
Unit thumbnail 101225112.png Scarlet Striker Soleil Damage
Sword Savior Gran Brave Icon.png Sword Savior Gran Brave Damage
Unit thumbnail 101155111.png Sophie (5★) Luck / Support
Scarlet Giant Zoldes Icon.png Scarlet Giant Zoldes Support

Water[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Role
Aristela.png Obliteration Witch Aristela Healer
Corsair2.png Corsair, of the Frozen Blade Damage
Hark.png Ocean Unifier Herck Damage
Roy2.png Roy (5★) Damage / Breaker
Saar.png Pit Lord Saar Damage
Satsuki.png Satsuki Kiryuin (5★) Damage / Breaker
Selia.png Ice Queen Selia Support
Lead.png Aqua Lord Yomi Damage
Est Icon.png Est (5★) Damage

Earth[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Role
Arth2.png Arth, of the Jade Blade Attacker
AsheToto.png Leaf Guardian Ashe Toto Support
Gilliam.png Gilliam (5★) Luck / Support
Olgeth.png Wise Behemoth Olgeth Support
Pola.png Cryptflower Pola Damage / Support
Vaido.png Deus Ex Vaid Breaker
Fen (5★) Icon.png Fen (5★) Support
Valhalla.png Branches of God Valhalla Healer
Hammer Emperor Catilou Icon.png Hammer Emperor Catilou Support
Dragon Aegis Nerim Support

Light[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Role
Druan.png Forever Guard Duran Tank / Healer
Eden.png EDEN-typeΣ Support
Elufala.png Azure Holy Beast Elfalla Support
Fina.png Feena, Knight of Heaven Damage / Healer
Liese.png Liese (5★) Healer
Mako.png Mako Mankanshoku (5★) Support / Healer
Rayas2.png Rayas (5★) Luck / Damage
Thunder God Rhiothis Icon.png Thunder God Rhiothis Support
Reyon.png Divine Spear Reyon Damage / Support
Rhodia.png Holy Slasher Rhodia Damage
Holy Sword Zechsia Icon.png Holy Sword Zechsia Breaker
Zeorg.png Zeorg (5★) Damage
Iris Icon.png Iris Support

Dark[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Role
Abaddon.png Nightmare Sword Abaddon Attacker
Leon.png Dark Destroyer Leon Support
Lily.png Black Deliverer Lily Attacker
Unit thumbnail 100056511.png Regulus, Demon Sealer Attacker
No.2 Icon.png No. 2 (5★) Attacker
Zenon.png Vengeful Blade Zenon Support / Attacker
Dragon Master Zoroas Icon.png Dragon Master Zoroas
Rem (5★) Icon.png Rem (5★) Support
Ragsherum (5★) Damage
Mad Creator Kayas Icon.png Mad Creator Kayas Damage